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9 Things to Pack in Your Travel Toiletry Bag

First off, since there is liquid and/or creams in most any travel bag the first thing you need is a quart sized resealable bag. I bought some TSA approved bags which are so much better than using disposable!

TSA guidlines also require that quatever lidquids, creams, or gels is put in these clear bags must be under 100ml or 4.3oz.

Tooth Brush

After hours on a plain, not to mention a meal or two, it will be refreshing to brush your teeth. It makes you feel a little more human again a little less like a sardine packed in a can.

I like having a toothbrush that is always kept in my travel bag so I don’t need to worry about packing on unpacking in.

Tooth Paste – Travel Size

What’s a toothbrush without tooth paste? Just make sure it’s travel sized so you follow the guidelines.

You can also add mouth wash to your list, I usually don’t carry it with me, but they do come in travel sized if you want them.


Aside from floss being important to good dental hygiene, it’s also just good to get airplane food out of your teeth.

Can you imagine sitting the rest of the flight with something stuck in your teeth? It sounds like torture to me. Also, it’s one more way to kill time.


Have you ever noticed that your skin feels extra dry on a long flight? I have! And it’s not comfortable.

This is because the same cool air that makes you desperately want that airline blanket (click here to find out why I won’t use them anymore and what I do about it!) also dries out your skin.

Having moisturizer that you can put on your hand and face can be really refreshing.

Face Wipes

Speaking of refreshing, it’s nice to have facial wipes on hand to remove any oils and such that have built up over the hours.

Disinfectant wipes

Guess what? Plains aren’t as clean as you would hope they are. People vomit on them, children have accidents on them, and parents even use the food tray as a changing table.

Yup. That same food try you eat on has had baby poop on it.

Now I don’t know what their standards for cleaning it are but I can guarantee you, give the fact that they are busy and flights go in and out all day, their standards are not as high as yours.

Because of this, I always bring disinfectant wipes with me and wipe everything I will be using down. That may not be totally practical for the seats but for sure for the food tray and the arm rest.

Feel free to also bring hand sanitizer but since the airplane environment is already drying to your skin I try to avoid it and just wash my hands well any chance I get. A doctor once told me that singing happy birthday while washing your hands will do it.


While the plains are cold so you probably wont be perspiring and bothering not only yourself but the the person next to you with the smell. It’s something that is always good to have on hand and nice to refresh before disembarking.

Lip Balm

Your skin is not the only thing that gets dry. Your lips do too. If you don’t already keep one in easy reach access at all times you should be at least keeping on in your toiletry bag.

Travel Brush

At the end of a long flight it’s nice to feel and look (even semi) refreshed. This is especially true if you will be great at the airport and don’t want want to look like you just came off the long haul flight you have.

Maybe it’s just me but I love hearing how great I look when I feel like in reality I desperately want a shower and to be anywhere else but an airport.

What you don’t need:

  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Bodywash

Any hotel you will be staying at will provide this to you. If you’re staying somewhere that won’t its better to buy it locally because the local stuff is made for the local water.

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