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Ashdod is a 3,700 year old port city, the largest city in the south of Israel, and one of the oldest cities in the country.

It was formed as an active maritime trade center with ports in Tel Mor and Ashdod Yam.

In ancient times, it was a fortified Canaanite city and then was conquered by the Philistines and became one of the five important Philistine cities.

Ashdod is mentioned 14 times in the Bible, And appears in Egyptian and Assyrian certificates.

The city has a long history and had been conquered by just about anyone who entered the religion including Alexander the Great.

Today, it is still a major port city and the largest of Israel’s three maritime ports.

However, it is more popular for it’s beaches, some of which are lined with lined with nice hotels.

I’ve spent more than my share of time in Ashdod because my grandparents and my aunt and her family live there.

While Jerusalem and Tel Aviv are more popular, and Jerusalem certainly has much more to do, Ashdod is perfect if you want to be on the beach in a relaxed atmosphere.

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