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Is Israel Safe

Is Israel safe? In one word, yes. Israel has a low crime rate and even lower for tourists.

While Israel is often in the news, it does tend to me dramatized and sensationalized.

Yes, terrible things do happen here sometimes but they are isolated insentience and honestly rarely happen.

Having lived 15 years in New York City, I’ve never felt safer in my life than when I’m in Israel.

Israelis have a very warm, welcoming, and open culture.

In fact, Israel is so safe that hitch hiking is very common among locals who live outside the city and children do it from a young age within their small neighborhoods.

Is Israel safe for tourists?

Absolutely! When there is conflict in Israel, it’s between locals.

Tourists on the other hand are welcomed by both sides.

From the most cynical perspective, if nothing else, no one wants bad publicity and everyone wants tourism.

Is Israel safe for Women?

Speaking as a woman, there is no place I’ve been where I feel safer.

However, you should still use common sense and not do things you wouldn’t do at home.

Don’t get into cars with strangers (unless you’re in an yishuv or kibbutz and catching a ride back with a local to the city) for instance.

Is Israel safe for families?

Without a doubt! Israel has a very family oriented country.

When I was visiting before moving back to Israel I was at the Western Wall and a religious woman asked me if I’d keep an eye on her toddler for a minute.

Another time I was sitting at a bus stop and another religious woman asked me to hold her baby while she got herself organized to get on the bus.

Now, while I wouldn’t recommend doing that with your own children while your touring, it does say a lot about how safe locals feel with each other, so you certainly can feel safe too.

Is it safe to visit the west bank?

That depends on where you are visiting and how you get there.

Yishuvim, kibbutzim, moshavim, and the city of Ariel in the West Bank are perfectly safe and welcome visitors.

Buses to these areas are armored and perfectly safe as well.

I personally do not feel comfortable standing at bus stops outside of the the neighborhoods and cities because they are the least secure areas.

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