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Jerusalem to The Dead Sea and Masada

Traveling from Jerusalem to The Dead Sea and Masada can be done a few ways depending on your budget and preferences.

The Dead Sea and Masada are two of the most visited sites in Israel, however getting to them, and traveling around the area is not so simple.

Many people see these locations as part of a tour. In fact, the first time I was at Masada was on Birthright.

However, if you are reading this, then it’s a safe bet that you’re not interested in going with a group from Jerusalem to The Dead Sea and Masada.


The best part of driving is that it provides you with the most freedom and flexibility.

It’s pretty simple, just follow Route 1 to Route 90 and that will lead you to both Masada and the Dead Sea.

The roads are notorious for their downhill and winding nature, so drive slowly, carefully and don’t be tempted to pass a truck on the way.

When you see a gas station, make the most of the opportunity to fill your gas tank up because they are rare.

Also, make sure to have cash on you because many gas stations and restaurants and such do not accept non-local credit cards.

As you drive down south, you’ll find the various Dead Sea Beaches, then Ein Gedi, Masada and finally Ein Bokek.

You may choose to continue straight down to Eilat, which is a few hours further away.

It’s important to note that you should only stop at official Dead Sea beaches or risk stepping into a sink hole.


If you don’t want to rent a car or take a bus and you don’t have a strict budget, a taxi my be your best bet.

It may not even cost you more than renting a car plus gas.

I’ve never taken a taxi to the Dead Sea or Masada and I actually rarely ever take them anywhere.

However, if I was going to here is the number of the one that was recommended to me 02-586-6666.


A bus is you’re best option if you’re on a budget, however, it only runs five times a day.

Egged Bus 486 travels from the Jerusalem leaving the central bus station (on platform 5) direct to the Dead Sea, Ein Gedi and Masada.

However, keep in mind that there are no buses from Friday afternoon until Saturday evening.

There is a public beach at the Dead Sea accessible to all about one hour from Jerusalem.

However, the beaches further north tend not to be cheap (where the southern breaches are free) and you won’t be close to any other tour sites.

The trip to Ein Gedi is one hour 30 minutes.

Many people find it worthwhile to get off at the Ein Gedi Spa, or the Ein Gedi nature reserve for a hike.

To get to Masada, get off a few minutes later.

Many people try to time their trip for a sunrise hike where you can see the sun coming up over the Dead Sea and the Judean Desert.

The bus ride to Ein Bokek is two hours in duration.

If you’re looking for a vacation, Ein Bokek, where all the major hotels are found.

Egged Buses Phone: *2800

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