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Khan Be’erot Campgrounds

The Khan Be’erot Campgrounds is located at the center of Ramon Crater in the Negev Desert.

The camping area is designated to serve visitors and hikers, and to reduce the disturbance of the animals.

As well as overnight stays, the campsite is a great place to stop off if exploring the crater for a meal.

What Does the Campsite Offer?

  • Drinking fountains, barbeque area, and bonfire areas
  • Fixed and movable benches and tables
  • mobile phone charging units and electrical outlets
  • Restroom: 9 toilet cubicles for women, 10 toilet cubicles for men
  • Showers: 9 shower cubicles
  • Field kitchen: refrigerator room, sinks for dishwashing

The services provided are accommodation, water, light snacks (meals with prior coordination), toilet facilities and garbage removal.

Towels and toiletries are not supplied

Lodging Options

Bedouin tents

The two Bedouin tens come with mattresses and sleep up to 170 people each. They are also heated in the winter.

Private tents

Private tents are available and mattresses can be ordered for a fee, during the booking process.

Family camping tent

The family camping tents tents include mattresses and are intended for 4-5 people in a tent, including toddlers.

They are set up by the parking lot staff and are located in a specific area and cannot be changed or moved.

Double camping tent

The double camping tents include mattresses and are designed for 3-4 people per tent including toddlers.

The tents are set up by the parking lot staff and are located in a specific area and cannot be changed or moved.

Staff rooms

4 staff rooms are designed for up to 6 people, in each room:

  • 3 bunk beds
  • Mattresses
  • blankets
  • Air-Conditioner

To book the staff rooms on weekends and holidays, you must book them for a minimum of 2 nights.

Field kitchen

  • Work surfaces
  • Cooking gas stove
  • Sink for washing dishes
  • Large refrigerators

Visitor Service Center

You can buy:

  • Soda
  • Ice creams
  • Ice bags
  • Flashlights
  • Coal
  • Trail marking maps
  • Hats
  • Firewood
  • Souvenirs and basic equipment for accommodation

Accessibility to people with disabilities

It is recommended to coordinate the accessibility arrangements in advance, before arriving at the place.

  • There is an integrated bathroom that includes a toilet, sink, and shower. However, due to engineering limitations the ascent to this room is by two steps.
  • People using a wheelchair or walker, who will be staying in the area, will be allowed to shower in the shower next to an accessible storage unit. However, it prior arrangement and needed.
  • The main building is accessible to people using a wheelchair: parking for two vehicles with a ladder, a passenger service station, a toilet cubicle, a balcony with dining tables, and a storage unit suitable for four people.
  • Accommodation in the accessible accommodation unit is only for people confined to a wheelchair or walker. Please coordinate in advance.


The campgrounds are accessible by car.

See the Khan Be’erot Campgrounds webpage for information on hours and pricing.

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