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Begin Museum

The Begin Museum tells the life story of 6th Prime Minister of Israel Menachem Begin.

The exhibits explore Begin’s childhood in Poland, his years as the commander of the Irgun, the leader of the Opposition and finally, as Prime Minister of the State of Israel.

Visitors experience an innovative audiovisual tour through films, original objects, dramatic lighting and surrounding soundtrack.

Using Begin’s life story one also learns the story of one of the most fascinating episodes of Israel’s history: the Zionist struggle for the establishment of the State of Israel and it’s early years.

The museum includes historical reconstructions and reenactments, rare dramatic documentary videos, interactive touch-screen exhibits, striking presentations and a surround sound narration.

Visiting the Begin Museum

The Begin Heritage Center and Museum is located in the Jerusalem Yemin Moshe not far from the First Station.

Visits to the museum are only through guided tours and by advance coordination only.

In addition, the center offers three tours around Jerusalem on the following subjects: social justice, the activity of underground organizations in Jerusalem, and Begin’s leadership.

The Museum commentary may be heard in Hebrew, English, Russian, Arabic, French & Spanish.

See the to schedule a tour of the Begin Museum click here.

Pro Tip!

Behind the museum is a gated area the Ketef Hinnom which was once the tomb from the First Temple Period.

The tomb was discovered during construction.

Where the Begin Museum now sits was once a cave. Here members of a wealthy family were laid to rest.

Among the possessions they kept in the cave for techiat ha’metim, was a pendent with the Cohen’s blessing on it.

This is not only indicates that they were most likely a priestly family, it is also the oldest known piece of the bible ever discovered.

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