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The Galilee is located in northern Israel and is considered Israel’s country side and is filled with rolling mountains and nature.

It is famous for its pristine beauty, hiking trails, natural springs, preserved beaches, wildlife reserves, religious attractions, and historical sites.

Where the Negev takes up 60% of Israel, the Galilee takes up a third.

It divided into three sections: the Lower Galilee, the Upper Galilee, and the Western Galilee.

The Lower Galilee is located just above the Carmel ridge and Haifa which is technically just passed Carmel Mountain.

It contains trails, scenic roads, pools, and biblical sites.

You also have incredible historical ruins of ancient Jewish cities such as Beit She’arim and Tzipori.

There are also have the remains of ancient synagogues in Capernaum and Bet Alfa.

Not to mention, the Roman city of Beit She’an and the Medieval Crusader fortress Belfvior Castle are also located in in the Lower Galilee.

However, it is probably most famously known for Teveria and Mount Tevor.

While the western shoes of the Kineret the eastern shores are actually in the Golan Hight’s.

The Upper Galilee is for nature lovers and is home to sites such as the Hula Nature Reserve, the Banias trails, and waterfalls.

It’s a popular vacation destination for Israelis and is best known for it’s beautiful mountains as well as Tzfat and Rosh Pina.

Also, once a year, on Lag Baomer, Israelis flood to Meron to Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai’s grave.

This is also where the remains of the ancient Jewish city Korazim is located.

The Western Galilee runs along the Mediterranean Coast.

The region includes the ancient crusader port city of Akko and the Rosh Hanikra grottoes.

Also not to be missed is the abandoned city of Akhziv.

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