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How to Look Good After a Long Haul Flight

This is something I’ve had to perfect while in a long distance relationship. Sure, anyone who cares about you won’t judge you for how you look after a long flight and getting through security. Still, who doesn’t want to look good when they are seen?

How to Look Good After a Long Haul Flight


    1. Plan your outfit

      Before you fly choose your outfit wisely. Pick things that are comfortable but stylish and are not going to wrinkle Another option is to dress casually on the flight and change before landing.
    2. Skip The Makeup

      Yup, you heard me right. Or at least keep it minimal. Makeup can clog pores and you will be wearing it a lot longer than usual. Instead, put it on shortly before landing.
    3. Stay hydrated

      Believe it or not, it is easy to get dehydrated on a plane. Usually the drinks provided on a flight are enough but I still always like to bring a travel water bottle with me. I fill it once I am passed security and ask the attendants to refill as need.

      If you don't want buy one feel free to just bring an empty water bottle. The benefit of a travel bottle is that it rolls up so it doesn't take up much room.

      Pro Tip!
      If you have a connecting flight and you take a shuttle from the tarmac to the airport you will gave to go through security again. The first time this happened to me my overpriced nearly full water bottle I bought after security was confiscated and thrown out. So, make sure your bottle is empty before you go through security again.
    4. Avoid Salty Foods

      When you fly your body is not only more likely to dehydrate but it is also likely to swell. Salty foods don't help with that so consider skipping the salted peanuts.
    5. Stay Moisturized
      If your body is at risk of dehydrating your skin and eyes are definitely going to get dry. To prevent this I carry travel sized moisturizers and lip balm.
      I really like Burt's Bee's essential kit which includes lip balm, body moisturizer, hand cream, foot cream, and a deep cleansing cream.
    6. Sooth Eyes

      If you usually wear contacts, don't. Between the long flight and the fact that it's already a dry environment you're eyes are more likely to get dry red eyes. Instead, use your glasses and put your contacts in about an hour before you land.

      If your eyes are prone to dryness bring eye drops to sooth them and prevent them from getting red and irritated.

      If your eyes feel puffy ask the flight attendant for some nice. Wrap it in a handkerchief and apply to your eyes.
    7. Get some sleep

      Sleeping will help you feel and look more refreshed than if you're up for who knows how many hours. To learn all my secrets to sleeping on planes click here.
    8. Use Dry Shampoo

      If your hair is prone to getting oily dry shampoo is just what you need at the end of a long flight. It will make your hair look clean and grease free.
    9. Use a Face Mask

      Whether you want to use a sheet mask, eye masks, or a full on face mask like I do, this is a great way to revive your skin and feel better.
    10. Cleanse

      Remember the Burt's Bees cleanser mentioned earlier? For me this is a key part of feeling and looking more refreshed.

      This cleanser not only removes any grease and build up but leaves skin refreshed.
    11. Freshen Up Before Landing.

      About an hour before we are scheduled to land head to the bathroom to freshen up. This really helps you feel your best when you touch down.

      Everyone has a different routine. For me freshening up means brushing my teeth, flossing, cleaning, moisturizing, reapplying makeup, and brushing my hair with a bamboo travel brush.

      I specify bamboo brush because it is delicate on hair and doesn't make it frizzy like other brushes often do. This is one of my essential tricks.

      I also always change my underwear at this point too. Some people use pantyliners during the flight and then remove them.

      I keep everything I need in my toiletry bag so when I see it's an hour before landing I can grab it and go. To learn how to have a well stocked toiletry bag click here.
    12. Use Eye Roller

      Whether you are using a jade/quartz roller or your standard eye roller, it can sooth the skin under your eyes that is prone to puffiness, especially after long flights.
    13. Use Brightening Concealer

      This will not only mask uneven skin tone and redness but will also make you look more refreshed. I use this mostly around my eyes so I look more awake.

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