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How to Save Money for Travel

Traveling can be costly but with these simple tips you can quickly save up enough to fly away to your dream destination without much effort.

How to Save Money for Travel

Here are 15 easy changes you can make to save money you can put towards traveling


    1. Start a dedicated travel fund

      If you set aside a little spare money every month, week, or day you can save up quite a bit overtime. You can keep it in a separate checking account or even in just an old coffee can. As long as you're saving you're getting closer to your dreams.
    2. Take account of your spending

      Make a list of your spending and highlight what you can live without. Then consider which of these things are worth giving up in order to allow you to travel.
      These things may not seem like they cost a lot but trust me the numbers add up.
    3. Be more minimalist

      I once read that "he who dies with the most toys wins." By trying to live a more minimalist life style instead of having to buy things we don't really need you can save a lot of money. You also get the added benefit of having a less cluttered life style.
    4. Walk or bike wherever you can

      I do this whenever possible whether I have access to a car or public transit. The way I see it is that it saves me money and helps me stay in shape. You can't beat that math.
    5. Make your own coffee

      Your morning cup of coffee for example. The average cost of a cup of joe is $2.99 and if you get one every day on the way to work that adds up to about $65 a month.
      Now, before you go on and say "but I really need that cup of coffee in the morning..." consider how much cheaper it is just to make it at home.

      Okay, so say you don't have the time to make quickly make it at home but somehow have the time to wait inline for one. If you're used to getting high priced coffee and switch to an average priced coffee that can make a big difference saving you $735 a year.
    6. Bring food from home

      Instead of ordering lunch you can bring food from home. This can save you hundreds of dollars by the end of the month.

      If you can't cut down on ordering lunch then try to leave things out that you can go without, such as a bottle of water, or pick cheaper items. If you just trim your lunch cost from $12 to $8 saves you $832 a year. Now where do you think you can you travel with that?
    7. Eat out less

      Related, but not the same as the above. Going out for dinner can easily be one of your biggest financial money black holes.

      When I finished grad school I decided I wanted to save up as much as I can. I ate chicken, veggies, and grains regularly and turned dinner dates with friends into cooking hang out nights. This alone saved me a bunch of money and I ate healthier.
    8. Avoid going to bars

      Like restaurants, bars jack up prices. That $8 bottle of wine can more than double at the bar.

      Instead, buy a bottle of wine and create an inexpensive cheese board or and invite some friends over. It will not only be cheaper but probably more fun.
    9. Cut down or quit smoking

      We all know smoking can kill you, but if that isn't enough of a reason to quick, stopping smoking save you $2000 in a year.
    10. Cancel your gym membership

      Most people take out memberships around New Years and then go for a month or two and are done for the rest of the year but keep paying their membership. If that sounds like you, cancel it.

      Even if you do go to the gym regularly, if you think you can shift your routine to things you can do at home or outside this can also save you a lot of money.

      Parks with fitness machines are a good alternative to consider.
    11. Buy clothes on sale, clearance, or second hand

      I cannot tell you how much money I saved over the years buying things on sale at end of season. I once had a receipt I should have framed that said "Paid $55, saved $555."

      I also, one of the best coats I ever owned I bought second hand for under $10 in like new condition.
    12. Get rid of cable TV

      Cable can cost a pretty penny and you only watch a hand full of channels anyway. Instead, you can stream it. Nowadays there is such a large variety of options of how to watch your favorite shows you don't need to waste money on cable for them.
    13. Cut your land line

      If you still have a landline get rid of it. You probably use your cellphone for most if not all your calls anyway.
    14. Don't buy books

      Libraries are a great option for saving money if you're an avid reader. I almost never buy books. The only books I own are ones I read first and loved so much I had to have my own.

      There are many websites where you can download books for free such as:
      Open Library

      If you have a kindle you can also down load many books for free or very cheap.
    15. Cut down on utilities

      Use a fan instead of air conditioning or set it to 78°F (or 26°C) when you are home, do not have your heat above 68°F (which is 20°C), and take shorter showers.

      If you happen to live in New York City which charges 150% of your water bill for sewage tax, so the money saved from taking shorter showers can really add up.

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