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Little Western Wall (HaKotel HaKatan)

The Little Western Wall, also known as HaKotel HaKatan, is a Jewish religious site located in the Muslim Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem.

While the famous section of the Western Wall is close to the south-west corner, it is actually 488-metre, or 1,601-feet long.

This smaller section is located more in the center of the wall, ocated approximately 170 meters north of the Prayer Plaza. However, the houses of the Muslim Quarter conceal most if of leaving only a small part exposed.

The Kotel Ha-Katan Plaza is comprised of two small courtyards, and is much far fewer people frequent it. In fact, visitors are able to experience something similar to what the Western Wall before the plaza was added.

The wall itself dates from the Second Temple period, but only the two lowest rows of building stones date from the this period as the majority of its height is covered by dirt.

Also, unlike those on the Western Wall, the stones have not been worn smooth by the touch of millions of worshippers.

Tradition relates that a few generations ago the prophet Eliyahu appeared to one of Jerusalem‘s Rabbis on the spot.

It is located near the Iron Gate to the Temple Mount and almost exactly faces where the Holy of Holies was giving it religious importance.

While the Holy of Holies was located in the Jewish Temple on the Temple Mount and there for the holiest place in the world to Jews, Jews are bared from praying there.

So, instead, they pray at sections of Western Wall including this one.

However, this is actually the second closest location to the Holy of Holies where Jews can pray. The closest place is a location in the Western Wall Tunnel and directly faces the Holy of Holies.

In the past, Jerusalem’s elders would come to the Small Western Wall for midnight prayer services (Tikkun Chatzot). Today, the students of Yeshivat Ateret Yerushalayim daven Minchah there each Shabbat.

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