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Masada Campsite West

Masada Campsite West is located inside the Masada National Park near Mount Masada in the Judean Desert.

Here, you can bring your own private tents and trailers or rent rent tents with mattresses.

There are also six guest cabins on site.

The campsite includes an outdoor barbeque area, a gas cooking area, a kitchen and a refrigerator.

The entrance to the campsite can be accessed only from the city of Arad.

For hours and pricing see the Masada Campsite West webpage.

In the campsite you will find:

  • Large tents and camping tents offered with mattress
  • Large space for your own tent
  • 6 equipped guest cabins (up to 5 people)

Common kitchen areas which includes:

  • Large communal refrigerators
  • Sinks for washing dishes
  • Bathroom facilities which include hot showers
  • Electrical Outlets
  • Mobile phone charging ports

Cookout Area

  • Large outdoor barbecues (coals not included)
  • Campfire

Tables and Benches

  • Drinking fountains
  • Areas to charge cell phones
  • In addition you can rent mattresses / sleeping bags – a 10 fee ₪ per person.
  • (you can buy a kit on the spot)
  • Shower lighting stations (barbecues)

Visitor Service Center

  • Soft drinks
  • Ice creams
  • Firewood
  • Flashlights
  • Coal
  • Trail marking maps
  • Souvenirs and basic equipment for accommodation

Equipment for rent

  • Mattress rental
  • Rental of a sleeping bag

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