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Ben-Gurion House

The Ben-Gurion House was the home of David Ben-Gurion and his wife Paula that they built in Tel Aviv.

It was here that the Declaration of Independence was given the final touches and its final version was written.

This was also from where he left to the old Tel Aviv Museum of Art to declare the establishment of the State of Israel, on the 5th of the month of Iyar 5708, 14th may 1948.

Today, that building is Independence Hall Museum where you can hear a recording of Ben-Gurion giving his famous speech.

This was his permanent residence until the moved to Sde Boker with his wife.

After that, they lived alternately here and in their ‘tsriff’ in Sde-Boker, until Ben-Gurion’s death in 1973.

At which time, they bequeathed the house to the State of Israel requesting the house to become a public institution for reading, study, and research.

The house was kept exactly as it was with all of the items belonging to Paula and David Ben-Gurion in the house, in the same condition and in the same place they used to be when the house was lived in.

It became open to the public in 1974, and then in 1976, the Knesset unanimously voted in the “David Ben-Gurion Law ” which declared the house as a national site.

The visit of the Ben-Gurion house allows you to step back in time and connect to the Ben-Gurion and his life style.

The exhibits at the house include documentary-historical (photographs and documents) material.

This helps visitors know what to focus on in the house and to highlight the personal and public aspects of David Ben- Gurion.

Also, visitors enjoy an audio-visual display and a film portraying the life of Ben-Gurion.

The museum is free. See the Ben Gurion Museum website for visiting hours.

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