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Golan Heights

The Golan Heights is known for its nature, beauty, and hiking trails and is a popular destination for outdoorsmen.

In the spring it is carpeted with flowers and is home to Hamat Garder hot springs and the Hexagon Pool.

It is located to the east of the Sea of Galilee in the far north east of Israel.

According to the Bible, Jews have lived in the Golan since the conquest of the area by Og Melech HaBashan and belonged to the tribe of Menashe.

The Hasmonean king Alexander Yanai captured the Golan, and Gamla as well as many other Jewish communities developed in the reigion.

In recent history, it has been a major strategic site and the location of important battles.

There are a number of noteworthy historical ruins in the Golan, such as the Nimrod Fortress which is the biggest Crusader fortress in Israel.

In addition, there is the Katzrin ancient village and synagogue,

are also ancient synagogues, including the synagogue in ancient Katzrin, the Umm al-Qanatir synagogue, and the synagogue in Deir Aziz.

Visit the Golan Heights

From both Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, the Golan Heights isn’t very easy to reach using public transportation.

So, if you want to travel to the Golan, the easiest and most continent way is by car.

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