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Lehi Museum

The Lehi Museum, or Beit Yair, tells the life story of Avraham Stern and the history Lehi Organization he founded.

It is located in Tel Aviv, in the house where the Lehi commander Avraham Stern, also known as Yari, was assassinated by the British Military.

The museum shares the story of the mostly anonymous fighters, who fought to liberate the State of Israel before 1948.

Museum begins on the top floor.

This floor of the museum is dedicated to the life story and murder of of Stern.

The apartment is frozen in time just as it was 1942 including all the furniture left exactly where it was.

On this floor was the apartment of Tova and Moshe Savorai where Stern stayed in hiding for the last three weeks of his life.

He was wanted by the British wandered from safe house to safe house in Tel Aviv, carrying a collapsible cot in a suitcase, and when he ran out of hiding places he slept in apartment house stairwells.

Eventually, he moved into a Tel Aviv apartment rented by Moshe and Tova Svorai, who were members of Lehi.

On 12 February 1942, British officers came to the apartment looking for Stern.

Stern was hiding in the wardrobe and Tova opened the door to the officers.

Searched the place and when one of the policemen found Stern hiding hin the closet, he pulled him out and at the same time, he pulled out his gun.

Tova ran between the officer and and Stern crying “Don’t shoot! If you shoot, you shoot me.”

She thought she saved his life and the officer made him sit on the sofa until more detectives appeared.

They handcuffed Sturn’s hands behind his back and told Tova to leave.

When she did, an officer ordered Stern to stand next to the window and shot at him three times.

Stern was mortally wounded and died soon after.

To this day, on the right side of the window frame is a hole which from one of the bullets fired at Stern.

Also on this floor are excerpts from poems written by Stern about his deep love for the Jewish homeland.

The second floor is dedicated to the Lehi organization including archives, a library, and a commemoration hall.

Here, the history of the Lehi organization is described in chronological order and their operations against the British – most of which was carried out after Sturn was killed.

Following his legacy, together Nathan Yellin-Mor, Yitzhak Shamir, and Israel Eldad commanded Lehi, each with his own responsibilities.

The Organization carried out daring operations as museum models display.

Also on displays is propaganda carried out by the organization and activities they was carried out overseas.

Lehi organization operated until Israel was established.

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