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48 Hours in Jerusalem on a Budget

This itinerary for spending 48 hours in Jerusalem on a budget allows you to get the most out of your trip without hurting your wallet.

There are so many great free things to do and see in Jerusalem that this doesn’t even cover it all!

For more ideas, see my post on all the things there is to do in Jerusalem on a Budget which also includes some great money saving tips.

Day 1

If you are staying outside the Old City then, if possible, start at Jaffa Gate. It is usually more continent and will let you experience more of the old city.


You can get street food on the way to Mahane Yehudah like shawarma, falafe, or sabich.

Or you can see what's in the market and get from there. You have all kinds of restaurants, street food places, and fresh fruit stands (and the fruit is amazing).


Walk back to Mahane Yehudah and enjoy the restaurants that line Agrippas street.

Or explore the center of town and find something delicious on Shlom Tzion HaMalka street.

Day Two

Day 2 is spent seeing one of Israel's most famous museums and popular tourist attractions as well as two sites important to Israelis.

Time to Eat

Yad Vashem has both a kosher meat cafeteria and kosher a dairy cafeteria. This is a residential area, so unless you feel like walking 10 or 20+ minutes out of the way for one of the half a dozen eateries in the area, this would be a great time to stop and have a bight before moving on with your day.

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